Superbond Coated Wire

Using chainwire fencing in either galvanized of PVC finish may not be a good solution in coastal and corrosive environments. Olympic Fencing supply a supertough black polymer coated wire that looks great and has excellent resistance to chipping, splitting, impact and cracking called SuperBond Wire. This is a great looking product that will last for years and we recommend it for any chainwire installation where durability and presentation are important.

This product has an adhesive coating that bonds the PVC to the underlying wire with the following benefits.

  • Excellent impact resistance, recommended solution for sporting enclosures
  • Excellent corrosion resistance due to no ingress of moisture or condensation beneath the PVC due to the high level of adheasion
  • No splitting or cracking from normal use.


Below is a comparison of 3 sample wire that were exposed to tidal conditions at Belmont over 12 months. The two PVC products where intentionally cut to allow ingress of corrosion.

The Super-Bond wire showed the best results of the three samples with some corrosion developing where the coating was removed but zero other signs of corrosion.

The PVC product fared well but white rust formed along the length of the wire beneath the coating. Over time this product will eventually start to rust from the inside out.

The galvanized product was essentially destroyed in the test.

Chainwire corrosive environment testing fencing


Check out the projects pages to see this product used at Fort Scratchley at Newcastle overlooking the beach.

Fort Scratchly Newcastle Fencing

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