Olympic Fencing have been building and installing sliding gates throughout Australia since 1994. We have a full range of industrial and residential sliding, cantilever and swinging gates that can be manufactured to the customers specifications.

Automatic standard sliding gates with keypad or remote operation integration.

Our range of standard sliding gates include gate track bolted to the ground and wheels on the gates to keep them true and support the gate. These are used where the ground is reasonably level or where price or room is a factor.

Olympic Fencing have a large range of automation options and are experts in security fencing requirements. These custom made gates for the Greta Train Facility were installed by Olympic in 2012 and still look great and are very reliable in 2015. Australian made here in our factory at Tomago.

Automated Security Gate

Automated motorized gates at the Greta Train Facility. These are a double sliding gate system that open independently to control the access and egress requirements of this site. Keypad / Voice console installed.

Egress side, remotely operated.

Remotely operated automated gates for high security requirements at the Greta train facility site.

Jennings print at Beresfield had a set of gates in installed by Olympic as part of the new development. This type of fence and gate combination offers great security and looks terrific.

Automatic gate and ditec motor.

This project included diplomat style tubular security fencing and automatic sliding gate with chainwire fencing. Completed in 2015.


Cantilever Sliding Gates and Automation.

Cantilever gates are appropriate across uneven ground and elevations or where a premium product is specified, they are also good where spill or obstacles may occur regularly that might foul a normal sliding gate track and wheel design. EG Landscaping or Quarry depot. This type of gate includes a tail and concrete counterweight systems than enables the gate to suspend in air across the full width of the closed opening without touching the ground. This means no concrete track bolted to the ground and no wheel to foul on obstacles etc.

Solar Powered Sliding Gates.

This solution is perfect for rural properties, large commercial developments and any other situation where getting mains power to the gate can be cost prohibitive. Call us and chat with our staff about solar powered automatic gates.



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