Installed on breaking surf and years later Olympic Fencings new bonded black coated fencing wire still looks great.

Newcastle City Council selected Olympic Fencing from a number of tender applicants to complete the security fencing around Fort Scratchley.  On award of the project Olympic Fencing suggested the use of our new SuperBond chainwire fencing product. The product out performs traditional chainlink wire fencing by isolating the underlying galvanized wire from weather and corrosive environments via a chemically bonded polymer coating. It also looks great. Check out the photos below.

Beach Fencing Salt Corrosion

Want to see how good Olympic Fencings Superbond wire is? The corrosion on the barbed wire and posts is typical of a salt water environment however the main Chainwire mesh is rust free. Rust at the cut ends cannot penetrate beneath the black coating.

Bonded Chainwire Chainlink Nobbys

Great view of the beach but typically a very poor environment for any steel products.


The installation of fencing along the bluff was one of the more challenging installation jobs, the fencing in this shot is following the ground.