Olympic Fencing [NSW] Pty Ltd have a full range of Industrial and residential sliding, cantilever and swinging gates that can be manufactured to customers specifications.

Standard Automatic Sliding Gates.

Recommended for level ground; our range of standard sliding gates include the option of keypad or remote operation with a gate track secured to the ground and wheels to support the gate.

Egress side, remotely operated.

Greta Train Facility

Automatic gate and ditec motor.

Jennings Print at Beresfield


Cantilever Sliding Gates and Automation.

Recommended for uneven and elevated ground; our cantilever gates include a tail and concrete counterweight system, enabling the gate to suspend in air across the opening, meaning no track or wheel for an obstacle free entry.

Solar Powered Sliding Gates.

Recommended for rural properties or any project where power supply may be an issue.