Olympic Fencing [NSW] Pty Ltd are one of the largest producers of chainwire fencing in New South Wales. Also known as ‘chainlink’ or ‘cyclone’ fencing, our range includes 2.5mm, 3.15mm and PVC coated options at various heights. We also offer custom production of Aluminium and special sizes (minimum order requirements apply).

Superbond chainwire cyclone fencing

Super-Bond coated wire – Recommended for coastal and corrosive environments or projects where durability and presentation are important; our Super-Bond coated wire has an adhesive coating that bonds the PVC to the underlying wire creating excellent resistance to chipping, splitting, impact and cracking; making it a perfect choice for sporting enclosures or properties exposed to salt water.

Testing – Olympic Fencing completed a study of corrosion, over 12 months, using 3 different wire samples exposed to tidal conditions in Belmont, New South Wales. The two PVC products were intentionally cut to allow ingress of corrosion.

As the below photo shows, our Super-Bond wire produced the best results with corrosion only developing where the coating had been removed. The PVC product fared well, however you can see white rust forming along the length of the wire beneath the coating, concluding that over time this product will rust from the inside out.

Chainwire corrosive environment testing fencing